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Climb an Alternative Peak.

MoCrazy Strong can help you & your organization:

  • Be their own personal best
  • Set attainable goals
  • Climb an alternative peak

Imagine you are traveling around the world as a professional skier, competing on multiple continents and at events like Dew Tour and X-Games. You are breaking world records by becoming the first woman in the world to flip off a rail as well as land a double backflip at X-Games.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, your life comes tumbling down. You crash on a trick, paralyzing half of your body and knocking you into a coma. You have to relearn every gross motor skill as you begin to climb an alternative peak. That is Jamie MoCrazy’s story. Jamie shares her story as a sport resiliency keynote speaker.

Jamie’s mother, Grace Mauzy, affectionately known as “Mama Fruit”, applied her many years studying developmental psychology to help Jamie progress further than anyone on her medical team thought possible. Grace shares those strategies to help your company climb a higher peak.

Jamie’s sister, Jeanee, remained competing professionally in halfpipe skiing and now uses her skills and experience in event planning to organize luxury mindset transformation retreats that act as fundraisers for MoCrazy Strong’s TBI specific opportunities and education.

Today, Jamie, Jeanee, and Mama Fruit have created MoCrazy Strong to develop inspirational keynotes, programs and workshops that share their methodologies for climbing alternative peaks after company setbacks. They also completed their award-winning documentary film to share Jamie’s story and show the healing journey of TBI survivors and their families.

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The MoCrazy Ladies will
help you climb an alternative peak!
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Help Mocrazy Strong raise awareness about TBI. Their mission is to educate and provide opportunities for TBI survivors and family caregivers.

Meet MoCrazy Strong

Jamie ‘MoCrazy’ Crane-Mauzy

Finding Resilience to Thrive in Adversity

Jamie is a former pro freeskier, motivational speaker, ski guide, and talk show host. She was the first female in the world to do a double flip in a Slopestyle run during the X Games in 2013.

Since recovering from her accident, Jamie has spoken in front of audiences ranging from 20 to 1,000 and has presented at nonprofit galas, business conventions, and medical schools all over the globe.

She is currently studying neuroscience at Harvard and works as a competitive coach at Park City Mountain Resort. When Jamie is not speaking, you can find her skiing, doing yoga or pilates, rock climbing, or mountain biking.

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Jeanee ‘MoCrazy’ Crane-Mauzy

Empowering Women to Embrace Change

Jeanee is a passionate professional skier and the younger sister of Jamie. Known for her signature red lipstick at competitions, Jeanee skis competitively on the half-pipe World Cup circuit and has used skiing to build relationships and collaborate with individuals around the world. Jeanee is able to plan and execute events that are simply in dream form.

In 2012, Jeanee was the sole female representative from the United States for half-pipe skiing at the Youth Olympic Games in Austria. She has gone on to place top-ten at numerous national and international competitions.

Jeanee is a licensed foster parent, and she continues to do education on strategies and mindset on how to be a successful parent. She uses this knowledge to educate others about how parents can positively help their children to reach success.

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Grace "Mama MoCrazy" Mauzy

The Psychology of Success

Grace Mauzy, MA Psychology-Columbia University, affectionately known as “Mama Fruit”, has spent the last 30 years working and studying the connection between psychology, nutrition, and human development.

Her unique grasp of the intersection of these disciplines allowed her to create her own, MoCrazy Method for success that she used in her personal counseling practice and with her high-performing daughters. This method was put to the test when Jamie had a debilitating accident that had doctors telling Mama Fruit a long list of things Jamie would never do again.

Undaunted by the prognosis, Mama Fruit applied the simple method that led each of her daughters to rise to be world-class athletes, doctors, and healers. This along with the doctor’s help led to Jamie’s miraculous recovery beyond what was thought possible. Now, Mama Fruit teaches others how to apply this MoCrazy Method to their own lives so that they can thrive in adversity and reach their own personal best every day.

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