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6 things I am going to start doing now. Why? Because I am alive.

Be Vulnerable

I wrote this at a convention board-breaking activity I was at last October at a speaking gig in Palm Springs. I have started to be more vulnerable, and it’s scary, really scary. It’s ok to love and take chances and metaphorically fall on my face.

Move somewhere different

Not forever or permanently (at least I don’t think) but I am going to the French Riviera next fall. I will be exposed to different people, multiple different languages, different cultures, and different food.

Stay in touch with friends

It’s scary to think how many people are coming in and out of our lives. Especially as young adults people are leaving college towns, on the move, going to foreign exchange programs, always moving. But I tried the other day reaching out to friends on Facebook I haven’t talked to in years. I need to reach out and stay connected more often.

Step into love

I don’t like to fall, I want to intentionally step into love, and be ok with stepping into love over and over and over again.

Give puppy people a chance to grow into dogs

I want what I can’t have. What’s the biggest reason I like you? You are emotionally or physically unavailable. If you like me I write you off in a second. I need to be open to puppies growing into wolves. ( or just staying puppies like my baby dog Toby 

Keep taking care of my body

I have always done this and believe it’s important to continue to do this. One of the big reasons I believe I am not permanently paralyzed is I wouldn’t let myself be. The first day it took me an hour to be helped up one flight of stairs. I practiced every day. Three weeks later I ran up 12 flights of stairs in 3:24.