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Always Push Toward Your Personal Best.

“Be your own personal best” was our family mantra. As an extremely competitive child, I totally got the ‘be the best’ part. I went for ‘best’ whether it was competing against my youngest sibling or at championships.

My accident changed me. I began to understand what my Mama meant about being your own personal best. I went from being one of the best in the world to struggling to climb a flight of stairs. That is the power of doing your own personal best.

The process of success that brought me back.

So what happened that brought me from the depths of despair? That phrase used to be so cliche to me. But the meaning was rooted in my entire being. I had to dig deep to find my spirit again.

I struggled to find that spark of energy when all I wanted was to have my amazing ski career life back. Honestly, I doubt I would have gotten out from under that rock if it weren’t for my mom.

Mama Mocrazy developed a process that included me doing simple, manageable activities along with getting me out in nature, a diet of high-quality nutrition, regular physical activity, practicing mindfulness, and slowly becoming social again. Most of all, she re-instilled in me that my own personal best was as amazing now as it was before my crash.

Sometimes you need to climb an alternative peak.

The obstacles that you might think exist can stop you from moving forward or achieving your dreams. That’s why finding ‘alternative peaks’ can change the whole path of your journey.

It might be that one day your peak is skiing off a 90-foot jump, and the next day, it is to only take a single step that you can’t manage without support.

Most of us try to follow a single path, but we can sometimes get stuck in a crevasse and feel like we can’t muster the effort to escape. To those who feel like this, consider this: Rather than ‘escape’, pause, look around, find a nob or fissure that you think you might not even be able to hold onto.

Go ahead and try. You will often find that minuscule handhold will grow step-by-step into your own personal best, your alternative peak.

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