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Dew Tour

The Dew Tour was two different experiences for Jeanee and me but challenging for both of us. Dew Tour is in Breckenridge, Colorado, and one of the biggest competitions we have every year. This year I was a guest athlete announcer. I did live stream announcing for all the qualifiers and finals for the girls. Jeanee was competing in the halfpipe.

I loved announcing. It’s actually something I want to pursue. I get to talk (my favorite) about skiing and make the athletes seem more personable and give the fans different people to root for. I also got hired for my first public speaking gigs.

Jeanee’s goal was to be confident in the competition. She went to a world cup in New Zealand in August and cried the whole day. She kept having flashbacks about her best friend and sister, me, convulsing on the snow. She was terrified of doing tricks and messing up. Falling. She and Halfpipe had a break in their friendship. So her goal was to ski two confident, stylish runs, and she did!

At Dew Tour something I had been working on for months fell through. That was very, very difficult, and I realized I couldn’t compete. The doors are still open, new doors are open, but I will never be the same competition Jamie I once was.

My personality has stayed about the same. That’s miraculous. Once someone has a TBI it’s common to have your personality change. So many doors have opened for me and I have great opportunities to follow and a whole life I get to live, but I will never be the Jamie who just thinks about skiing and believes she can push the boundaries and always be ok. That Jamie almost died and now I’m much more mature than I once was. I realize how lucky we all are. When you are having a bad day you are lucky that you get to realize you are having a bad day. You can feel. Being able to feel is huge. We don’t realize and recognize this enough.
Jeanee made it through Dew Tour feeling happy and confident. We think too much the result is a place or a trick, her result was confidence. Her goal wasn’t to win or do a new trick was to ski stylish and confident. So she accomplished her number one goal.

I found new opportunities and life paths I want to walk down. It’s been a super hard year for Jeanee too. People don’t realize or pay attention to it enough. She was in Whistler and remembers the whole experience. We’re both evolving and learning who we are now versus who we were before my injury. If you think this will be an exciting process we would love to invite you on the journey. #MoCrazyStrong