Let’s Talk

Show Notes

Traci is the TBI and Spinal Cord Injury coordinator for the Violence and Injury Prevention Program at the Utah Department of Health.  She coordinates/oversees the TBI Fund, the SCI/BI Rehabilitation Fund, the TBI portion of the Core Violence and Injury Prevention grant, and the ACL TBI Partnership grant.  Traci has worked in the field of TBIs for over 20 years. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Accepting and acknowledging emotional triggers
  • Resource facilitation for communities
  • The positive impact of support systems

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About the TBI Fund:

“The TBI Fund provides individuals who are living with a traumatic brain injury and their family, caregivers and support team in connecting people to the services they need through resource facilitation. Resource facilitation is a process that assists people with problem solving, links people with available resources to meet their goals and enables successful return to school, work or the community. The TBI Fund also provides education and awareness to the community, professionals and others about the treatment and prevention of TBI.”

For more information, visit: TBI Fund Homepage