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Show Notes

John Lee Cronin is a co-founder of the father-son venture, John’s Crazy Socks. As John, a young man with Down syndrome, searched for something to do after finishing high school, he sparked the idea for John’s Crazy Socks as an entrepreneur with a love for fun and crazy socks. John’s dad, Mark,  was also at a crossroads in his life and he decided to take the plunge with his son and see what might happen if they pursued this idea. Years later, John’s Crazy Socks, is considerably successful with over 3000 choices of socks, and staying true to their original mission of donating 5 percent of their income to the Special Olympics. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Making dreams into reality
  • Focusing on Strengths
  • Stability and Support in Struggle

Discover all the socks: www.johnscrazysocks.com