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Fun Things To Do In Mt Hood Oregon

I just got back from Mount Hood! It was so much fun to see everyone who hasn’t seen me since I got hurt! And the opportunity to go to Mount Hood again! This time, I did more than just skiing and I can tell you some other great things to do in Mount Hood!

Speaking of that, there was hardly any snow up there this year, like the worst it’s ever been. But there still are lots of places to go swimming and hiking that are great!

Some places to go swimming are:

  • Trillium Lake: It’s right off Government Camp so it’s convenient to get to and go swimming in.
  • Mirror Lake: It’s about a half-hour away and you have to hike 1.5 miles to get to it but it’s crystal clear.
  • Sandy River: You can go to Brighton Beach. It’s just 20 minutes down the road from Government Camp and is totally worth the drive. It’s refreshing with a sandy beach and some cliffs to jump off of.
  • Hood River Beach: It’s about an hour from Mount Hood but Hood River and the Columbia River meet up and the water is shallow for a long time and there’s a beach. Do I need to say anything more?

Some places to go hiking are:

  • Mount Hood: If you hike up until you reach the snow and people skiing and snowboarding, that’s pretty fun! It’s a kinda steep hike so make sure you bring enough water!
  • Govy Camp: If you want to go hiking in Oregon it’s pretty easy to find a place to go hiking just find a trailhead and go for a hike! I promise you it will be a blast!

Get an ice cream cone in Government Camp from Volcano Cones! Every time they run out of a flavor of ice cream they switch it up! And there are options to chose from, so you can never have the same thing twice if you don’t want to! It’s all homemade and not too expensive.

If you’re in Oregon for the 4th of July you should make your way to Bend or Hood River. They are the two most popular places in Oregon for the 4th of July! And they both are so fun and an absolute blast! If you go to Bend it’s good to have a bike with you for the Freedom Ride, A bicycle parade that’s an absolute blast to attend!

So if you are going to Mount Hood in the summer, you probably are a skier or snowboarder but it’s more fun to go swimming than just lie in your bed cause you’re too tired to move. Remember that and have a blast!