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Hurry up and wait

Does anyone else feel like me; after your invisible struggle seems so long and so short!  I feel I am running 100 miles an hour and covering very little distance!

So if you feel you are always busy but getting nothing done what do you do?

  1. Focus on what you can control
    • Look at what you want to accomplish and focus on how you can take steps to get that done.  Don’t focus on all the parts you can’t control, just focus on what you can control.
    • Maybe parts of your ability have changed.  You have to think about things in a creative mindset however you still can control a big portion of your life!
  2. Do things that make you happy
    • If you can, pick up activities that make you happy.  That can be walking, mountain biking, dancing, painting, reading… don’t do these activities for the results, do then for the process.
  3. Learn something new
    • You can start a Duelingo language, learn how to paint or cook, learn yoga or how to lift your leg,  focus on the education for aspects of your dream.  Learning something new opens your mind to receiving new breakthroughs on goals you have.
  4. Patience!
    1. This is the hardest part for me.  When you write down everything you have accomplished it makes you feel more successful.  You never feel like you have do enough and done it fast enough, so just focus on some attainable goals you already have accomplished.  When you have a big mountain to climb you often don’t notice the steps you are taking until you start seeing some beautiful views!  You are still taking steps though so acknowledge the steps you have taken!