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I had a concussion so what do I do now?

A person hit their head and got a concussion and now they want to know what to do. The recovery process given for concussions has changed a lot recently so it’s good to make sure you are completely up to date.

I talked with Lauren Ziaks on Life Gets MoCrazy season 1 episode 18 about concussions and how Phoenix Concussion Recovery can help you find programs to get healthy and return to sport.

Life Gets Mocrazy-what do I do now-phoenix concussion recovery

Four major points Lauren and I talked about.

  1. Keep looking for providers if you aren’t getting the care you need
  2. You should not wait to be completely symptom-free to start returning to life
  3. What is Pheonix Concussion Recovery
  4. After a brain injury, your life will change, but it can still be good
  • Keep looking for providers if you aren’t getting the care you think you need

Find a provider that you want. Find out if the provider knows about the neuroplasticity of brains. Find a provider who understands brains are constantly changing and growing. People connected to neurology used to think if a brain was damaged it had about 6-months to heal. The level the brain was healed after 6-months was the level the brain would be healed forever. Now, scientifically we know this is not true, brains continue to heal after 6-months. As recently as a decade ago scientists believed your brain only healed for 6-months and some providers are still strained to believe in stagnant healing even though it’s scientifically false. Find cognitive-behavioral therapists who recognize the brain continues to heal and formulates a plan for your individual recovery you are comfortable with.

If a provider you love is too far away, find a provider, but join Phoenix Concussion Recovery online as well

  • Symptom-free – yes or no?

People used to be taught after a concussion to go sit in a dark room until you are completely symptom-free. Now practitioners like Lauren are teaching not to wait until you are completely symptom-free to return to life but return slowly and calculated with a program. You must make sure as you are returning to life your symptoms continue to get better not relapse. If you sit in a dark room for a month, and then your symptoms are gone so you decide to go back to school, and soccer, and skateboarding you missed levels of treatments that are important to full recovery and help you have no long term symptoms.

The State of Utah cannot mandate impact and baseline testing to return to sport at any public schools or programs

Phoenix Concussion Recovery is an online program anyone can use. For 9.99 Phoenix Concussion Recovery will give you different treatment plans for recovery from concussion. You will start with early recovery treatments and progress to returning to sport.

The medical community is currently lacking a uniform definition of a concussion.

  • Life may be different but it can still be good

People who have had a brain injury always want to return to exactly who they were before. That’s not possible. You can definitely heal fully and embark on wonderful new adventures, but a brain injury is a life-changing event. Getting married, having a baby, a close friend passing away, or getting fired from your current job are all major life-changing events as well. With any major life-changing event you will never be exactly who you once were, but is that a problem? Once you have a brain injury of any type it doesn’t mean you can’t heal and become a better and more improved version of yourself.

Let your 2.0 version of yourself dance with the mountains

April 11th is the birthdate of Jamie 2.0.

I am learning, growing, healing, and I love Jamie 2.0 You might be different than who you were before your brain injury, but you can learn to love who you are 2.0 as well!

**All the following recommendations are based on the latest research available and clinical experience.

Use these best-practice recommendations to find a high-quality provider in your area!**