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I need to pinch myself

Some of you might be wondering how I have felt about my tumult last year. I have been on an emotional roller coaster that’s for sure, cried five times a day, obsessed over boys unnaturally, became desperate and unconfident, but the roller coaster has flattened out now. I haven’t cried once in April, and I’m aware a drop might still be coming up but this is how I feel now. No, I didn’t just eat some chocolate cake so I’m not on a happy buzz, I have been consistently feeling like this for the last month. I feel blessed and grateful, everything worked out for me. You might have your own opinions on why it worked out but since my first response at Blackcomb got to me there have been a million little steps that people have climbed to create my luck.

I have always loved being the first to do something. I’m a very relaxed and friendly little girl, but man am I ambitious and competitive. I was the first girl in the world to land a double backflip at X-games in 2013, and I became the first girl to flip off a rail in competition. Then, I became the first person in all of North America, (the U.S. or Canada) to get oxygen analyzing bolt put in my brain the day I got to the ICU in Vancouver.

It was a medical advancement test, and I would say it worked out tremendously well! I still randomly forget things, most people’s names, (I just won’t remind them I forgot their name 😉 “Hey! How are YOU doing?” But I acted exactly like this before my injury. I can remember every state in the U.S. but that girl’s name at the bar last night? Forget it.

It’s honestly a little bit overwhelming to learn how intense my injury was and how many people paid attention to me and still do. Little things like last week the vice president of admissions at Westminster University knew my name and my story and I was admitted on the spot. I already have a legacy that will be shared internationally to save lives. My first response has already asked me to go to global conventions to be the living breathing proof the finances required to save a miracle are by far worth it. Some have a legacy when they die, I have a legacy because I lived.

I need to pinch myself and realize this is just the beginning of my story impacting lives. I never was normal and I will never be normal again so when my neurologist at Vancouver ICU said I would never go back to being normal, well he was right, but I don’t think regular normality was what he was talking about. I am far from perfect, I’m sassy, adventurous, love imaginative games, and oh my god I love boys, but hey that’s ok. I will now be saving lives by motivating people in a medical and business sense.

I don’t really know why my life worked out the way it did but now I am starting a business as a life savor. I can’t even believe how lucky I am to be able to motivate and save lives as a job. I personally don’t believe I was meant to do this by a god and that’s why I lived to send a message. I do believe I had a lot of energy sent out to me from people around the world, so you can say I do believe in energy and if praying to your Jewish, Christian, Islamic God is how you connect, send that energy baby!

I also believe from the get-go my family was remarkable and is the reason I finished healing to the level that I’m at. Jeanee becoming my PR when I was in a coma was the first business and media step. My family and I have made the decision to take something that could have been the worst thing that ever happened in my life, to the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t think I will ever be able to really believe my life but it is happening so I just need to go on the ride and know the rest is still unwritten.