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Just dance, it’s gonna be ok

One of the big things that helped me recover all the way back from a coma to a fully functioning adult you know very well. That big thing what was it? Music.

I did a 4 monthly video about how much music affected me and now I am going to embellish how music helped me. You see my family played music to me for around 8 hours a day before my mind even came back.

Music brought back physical and cognitive capabilities. In the hospital, I knew the lyrics to the song Style before I knew my last name. My voice recovered from having a tube down my throat by singing (whisper mumbling) my brain cognition was trained as lyrics were coming back to me and I had memories return of other times I heard the particular song that was playing. In the spring of 2015 I couldn’t even stand by myself, my mom had to physically hold me but I was already trying to dance.

Maybe no handstand booty pops which grabbed everyone’s attention at bars before my crash, but in the hospital, I grabbed everyone’s attention in a different way. Once at lunch in the cafeteria one day there was a table full of nurses playing music. I told the nurses I loved music, they asked me what song I wanted them to play. I told them Style by Taylor Swift. The song came on and I stood on top of the table singing to Style and doing a whole routine I had made up. Let me tell you, that sure grabbed their attention to the max! A 22-year-old dancing on a table in the middle of a cafeteria. Wow!

I have heard Style thousands of times, but it good thing Taylor is so good with music because I still like Style. Style now has become the theme song for my recovery. Listen to the chorus: ” And when we go crashing down we come back every time cause we will never go out of style, we’ll never go out of style.”

I have always loved music. Before my crash I listened to music skiing, It helped me flow. I always had pairs of Skullcandy headphones and would bring music everywhere I went. Music also helped my recovery. Now listening to music alone in nature gives me the most peaceful feeling when I need a break from the world to revamp. Music helps everyone no matter what their story is to live a fuller life. Live life out loud and always push the boundaries with a good beat. “Just dance, gonna be ok”.