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Minfulness can change your life- ways to get involved

Have a brain injury? Need help?

Contact the Brain Injury Alliance in whatever state you are in

call 801-716-4993 or contact Brain Injury Alliance of Utah at

Find the right community resources for your brain injury needs. Call our office at 801-716-4993 to schedule a free consultation!

  • Resource Facilitation
  • Family Caregiver Learning
  • Support Groups
  • HeadSmart
  • Advocacy
  • Organizations that serve Utah

On Sunday, July 22nd I interviewed Adam Bullough the Resource Facilitator and Media Manager at Brain Injury Alliance of Utah.

Adam used to live in California and hit his hide without a helmet on riding a bike. He walked into the hospital and was sent home. Leaving the hospital Adam collapsed and went into a coma. Adam was in a coma for months and did years of rehab, but now he is a fully functioning adult improving the lives of brain injury survivors.

Wear a Helmet.


Documentary Helmets Are Cool premiering this October by foundation High Fives. I am a leader in the documentary and will be organizing screenings.

Stay tuned or if you have an idea of a place interested in holding a screening message me at:

Adam went back to college, graduated with a Health Promotion major and a Spanish minor. He is starting his Master’s degree this fall! Adam would recommend going to school for ANYONE with a brain injury. Even if you already have finished college and are an adult both adam and I strongly recommend everyone go back to college, even signing up for a few classes at community college will work. Why?

Neuroplasticity is your brain. That means your brain pathways are ALWAYS growing

(look it up)

The college will teach you the skills and learn tricks to combat this struggle in a brain injury.

  • Note-taking (learn new ways to take notes, break them down into sections and have bullet points.
  • Acronyms to remember
  • Routines
  • Wake up
  • Study times

Adam talked about how important mindfulness is. So what is mindfulness? It is consciously focusing on the present moment. Sounds fairly simple, but learning how to do it is challenging but helps the individual create their luck. The brain is a muscle so it can heal after brain injury damage, and focusing on mindfulness improves the four lobes of your brain and your overall brain health.

The Brain Injury of Utah (BIAU) offers a class on mindfulness yoga at 4 pm Mountain Time every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Look them up on Facebook or call to find out how to get involved. It is a free class so there is NOTHING to stop you from getting involved and healing your mind. This is valuable for ANYONE overcoming a struggle, and Adam said all individuals are welcome.

  • ANY person with practice, training, and time can achieve some level of control over the mindset.
  • Anyone with a brain injury can take steps to heal.
  • There is no timeline for the healing process.


Jamie “MoCrazy” Crane-Mauzy

Talk Show Host- Life Gets MoCrazy on the Brain Injury Radio Network

Full-time student at Westminster College, SLC, Utah

Motivational Public Speaker