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My Day Traveling Home

I watched: Friends, have watched every episode and it’s the only series Jeanee bought on her computer so every time we don’t have internet we watch it again.


I listened too: Taylor Swift can never listen to her enough.

I texted: My family, Jilly won her hockey game 6-0 she is a starting varsity freshman at a prep school in Massachusetts and I’m so very proud!

I googled: Southwest to check my flight and boarding pass.

I shopped online for: Usually nothing I hardly ever shop online but I got distracted in the airport by a Facebook link for the cutest black one-piece bathing suit for only 12 dollars and had to splurge.

Black Bathingsuit

I reorganized: Nothing! Lol, the only girly thing I’m horrible at is organization and I never do it.

I read: Girl Boss, it’s about a lady boss who followed her fashion instincts and made it work to create Nasty Gal vintage clothing. It’s Inspiring and so honest and funny!

I wore: Black A-Bomb lace legging, a light blue Rockwell t-shirt, my black Picture jacket, and an infinity scarf and boots, and a Picture beanie with a pom-pom.

Black A-Bomb leggings

I laughed at: The snap chats of my friends, especially Zyre sending it on Friday night at mammoth Grand Prix and having an awesome hilarious night. Girl pre-party!

I cried at: Nothing today! I cried every day in mammoth because it hit me I may never compete again, but the doors are wide open and some different filming awaits so somehow it will all work out.

I ate: Ahi tuna tacos at the LAX airport restaurant with my Greenland Halfpipe friend Laila.

I binged on: Coffee! The more milk and sugar the better!

Now you know what I did on my way home! So happy to be back at Park City 🙂 Skied today, got a sundance party I get to dress up for tonight, was a great day for me hopefully you had a great day too!