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Genuine Journalism: behind the scenes with a New York Times article

My wedding to a wonderful man on top of the mountain that almost took my life was covered by the New York Times.  Writing that sentence just made my eyes tear up with happiness.  When Jeanee, my mom and I returned to Whistler one year after my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that was when Jeanee […]

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Hurry up and wait

Does anyone else feel like me; after your invisible struggle seems so long and so short!  I feel I am running 100 miles an hour and covering very little distance! So if you feel you are always busy but getting nothing done what do you do? Focus on what you can control Look at what […]

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How holistic healing from brain injury leads to optimal wellness

All of a sudden, anyone who is connected to a Brain Injury, their life becomes a little MoCrazy. A Brain Injury does shut some doors, but…

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Lost Luna- a story about belief and controlling what you can

Luna with mom and pop I heard the bike brakes squeal as I saw Luna come dashing toward me. I reached out to grab her harness yet she…

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Minfulness can change your life- ways to get involved

Have a brain injury? Need help? Contact the Brain Injury Alliance in whatever state you are in call 801-716-4993 or contact Brain Injury…

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High Fives Foundation – Providing Human Care

Steve Wallace took time out of his busy day at NASCAR (toyota is a corporate sponsor) to talk about what High Fives is, and what they…

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