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Stem Cell Shots

I got stem cell shots the other day on my right knee. Last fall I had an MRI and the cartilage in my right knee is bone on bone and like an 85-year-old knee. I got an unloader brace last winter which keeps the lateral side from hitting bone on bone when I land tricks. […]

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My New Zealand Trip

My trip to New Zealand was the most emotional trip I have ever been on. I was staying at my friend Annabel’s house which was great! But the first few days she had to work every day, and I hitchhiked (which is normal in NZ) up to the mountain every day. I was alone. I […]

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Whistler 1 year anniversary from my crash

I love words, Jeanee makes the joke about my public speaking: “Jamie just literally died and went to heaven, now she can talk on stage, with a microphone, and no one can interrupt her.” I love words but I can’t find powerful enough words to describe this past week. I will do my best, but […]

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I need to pinch myself

Some of you might be wondering how I have felt about my tumult last year. I have been on an emotional roller coaster that’s for sure, cried five times a day, obsessed over boys unnaturally, became desperate and unconfident, but the roller coaster has flattened out now. I haven’t cried once in April, and I’m […]

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10 Tips To Travel Like A Pro

1. How to pack So you’re heading off on a trip, and the first thing you have to do is figure out how to pack for it! I know you want to pack your entire closet, but before you start pulling everything off the hangers, look at your clothes and start planning outfits. You don’t […]

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Why I’m honestly going to Westminster. And no, it’s not to get a little stamp on paper.

  So now that you all know that I’m am going to Westminster I decided to share some of my thoughts about college. Here’s the thing, people think college will make their life. Then when they are about 25 they freak out because they don’t feel college has made their lives and they don’t know […]

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