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What do you want to be when you grow up?

As someone who just graduated college I get asked a lot about what I am doing in life. Do I have a 9-5 job? Do I want one? am I trying…

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I’m waiting for the right moment.

You hear that said when people are trying to decide important changes in life. Sometimes it’s changing jobs, having a child, buying a…

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You Never Plan for Your Life to Change in a Moment, But it Does.

Last sunday I had a wonderful talk on my show, Life Gets MoCrazy on the Brain Injury Radio Network with Erin Lieben:…

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Weber State University Motivational Speech

I started out motivationally speaking in the past month. I am a very talkative person so my sister “Jamie literally died and went to heaven, now she can stand on a stage and talk and can’t be interrupted.” It has been pretty fun so far. I get an adrenaline rush right before I start talking, […]

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My Life

Almost 3 Years So, it’s almost 3 years since my Traumatic Brain Injury. My family is all going up to Whistler, and I am staying in Salt…

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My Day Traveling Home

I watched: Friends, have watched every episode and it’s the only series Jeanee bought on her computer so every time we don’t have internet we watch it again. Friends I listened too: Taylor Swift can never listen to her enough. I texted: My family, Jilly won her hockey game 6-0 she is a starting varsity […]

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