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Our Favorite Malibu Food

So we have been staying at Agoura Hills, just inland of Malibu and we have realized we know Malibu like locals so it’s good to share some food options with all of you in case you go to Malibu.


In my opinion, Nobu is world-famous and extremely expensive but tiny sizes and I don’t think it’s worth the money. On the other hand, Geoffrey’s is just as expensive but bigger portions and more laid back. They both overlook the water and have tremendous seats and views.


If you like seafood checking out Malibu Seafood is a must. All the seafood is caught daily, so fresh. Jeanee and I always get one bowl of clams and one bowl of muscles and split them.

Malibu Seafood

My other favorite place to go is Paradise Cove. It’s on the Paradise Cove beach and in the 60’s it was an old surfers hangout spot. It has the surf vibe, the table is outside on the beach, and it’s around the $20 a person price range and huge, delicious portions. When our whole family goes we get the payola and split it. It’s $45 but feeds 6 people easily so that makes it cheap per person! Also, their fruity cocktails are in a watermelon, or coconut, and miked up with real fruit and set the mood for a cocktail, good food, listening to the ocean, on the beach night.

Paradise Cove

The best place for lunch is the Malibu Pier. There’s a restaurant at the end of the pier and it’s all local, organic food and you can sit and look off the pier at some sick crashing wave break and surfers at Malibu Beach. It’s open for dinner too but the dinner food is twice as expensive as lunch and it’s dark so you can’t see all the view and the surf so not worth it to me.

Malibu Pier

The Malibu Market has great clothing stores and the ice cream store is amazing! And the Malibu beach, and… they’re great places to surf and the little food shacks near the surf beaches after surfing are the best food in the world! I could honestly talk about great things to do in Malibu forever but I’ll keep it shorter so this post will just talk about places to eat. Ever been to one?