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Brain Injury Alliance of Utah

Brain Injury Awareness Month ’21 with the MoCrazy Ladies

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah and the MoCrazy Ladies present Heal the Healers a video series created to help brain injury caregivers care for themselves and their survivors.

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Heal the Healers with the MoCrazy Ladies: Brain Injury Awareness Month 2021

Meet Jamie, Jeanee, and Mama MoCrazy. Together, they are joining forces with the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah to let caregivers know they haven’t been forgotten.

They’ve created a series of videos, materials, and virtual events to help you, the caregivers, find new strategies that will help empower you and the survivors you’re caring for.

They’ll be sharing scientific knowledge so you can understand how the brain can heal, practical strategies for helping your survivor and unexpected ways to find inspiration even on the toughest days. They’ll explain exactly how Jamie went from someone who was not expected to survive to who she is today. More importantly, how you can use the same techniques that they did.

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Caregivers Have Power! Heal the Healers with the MoCrazy Ladies: Brain Injury Awareness Month 2021

Watch Mama MoCrazy show how being thrown into that role of being the caregiver can feel overwhelming and powerless, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can be a powerful person in the lives of our loved one and for yourself. Mama MoCrazy shares seven fairly practical tips you can focus on to be your loved one’s patient advocate.

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Asking for Help: Heal the Healers with the MoCrazy Ladies: Brain Injury Awareness Month 2021

Jeanee MoCrazy became a caregiver at 18 when her older sister Jamie MoCrazy suffered from a traumatic brain injury. She can attest to how exhausting it is to be a caregiver. Just like on an airplane it’s important to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. It’s okay to ask for help. Reach out to a neighbor. Explain what you’re going through and people want to help you.

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