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Some New Summer Looks

I love to style for sure, and I definitely care how I look. But that’s not it for me, I have to be comfortable also. I have a unique style of looking good and being able to be comfortable enough to sleep in any of my outfits!

Stop! I know it’s super hot out and you want to show off your new beach body but be careful. Not everyone thinks the same as you. A basic rule I like to use is one B- boobs, belly, or butt. Just pick one and emphasize that one in your outfit. Not only do you end up looking more classy but by drawing the attention to one place, not three you actually get more attention. I chose belly in this photo, I have been working out, and eating right so I wanted to show that off. I love these stretchy fo-jeans with a retro tight crop top and a loose, old, opened button-up shirt. What really makes the outfit is the addition of the accessories, the hat, watch, and shoes. Kind of gives it an older look and appropriate for all casual wear occasions.

The thing I LOVE most about this outfit is the pants! The white deluxe sporty jeans. A relaxed-fit jeans with a low waist and drop crotch. You can dress it up with heels and a nice shirt. Or play it casual with some sneakers or flip-flops and a loose tee. I love to add the hat, creating an Australian look, and keep the sun off a little!

Black and white are totally in. Black and white are the two most classy classic color combinations ever! I love these loose comfortable black and white shorts because they feel like pajamas but paired with the white shirt, shoes, and accessories they look amazing! I like to add a little splash of some strong color when I am feeling sassy. Red is the color of love and fire, a perfect accent color to make a statement and catch people’s attention. Matching up my scarf, glasses, shoes, and lips puts the finishing touches on the outfit.

Bathing suit or underpants? Who knows, who cares! I LOVE these soft cotton bandeau bras. I have some cute plain colors and some fun designs like this one. They are so amazingly comfortable and I don’t have to worry about anything. They keep everything intact including the shape. They are perfect for wearing with shirts that show a little. It’s the cute pattern you want people to see. So pretty much you get to be comfortable, draw attention to your curves and look totally cute and styling! Plus, if you ever need to go swimming and don’t have your bathing suit don’t worry, you can’t even tell!

Hats, shirts, and boots. Sometimes it’s quite a cowgirl look for sure. But with pretty colors and girly cuts, it turns into quite a cute girl look. It’s a style you are sure to get noticed for, and if you have not had time to shave your lower legs yet, no worries because the boots will take care of that. I would not suggest this outfit for a 90f 25c + day but for a lovely garden, springtime walk it’s perfect!

I got these boots at Steve Madden

Classics are back! The type of clothes your mom liked at your age are back in style. I like to dress as if I could be from any generation and look like a cute girl. I LOVE white lace. You will definitely see a lot of white lace along with cute, one of kind pieces, like my hoodie in the photo. Keep your eyes out when you travel to find some of your new favorites.

white lace shirt from Picture Organic Clothing! P.S. It’s French so it’s all the better.

This dress is special to me. I got it when I was eight from my aunt as my Christmas gown. A few years after I grew out of it, I decided to try it on again but in a different way. The part you see as the flat strapless top of the dress is actually supposed to be the waistline. Attached above that is a black satin bodice made for a youth girl. I simply tucked that part underneath the original dress waist sash across my chest and added a new waistband. My favorite is to flair this dress up with the bright red belt and heels. It also looks smashing for a more subdued event with a black satin sash and black heals.

So don’t throw away your favorites from your childhood, first try to see if you can bring them back to being your new favorites as a gown up!

Contact Jeanee MoCrazy about transforming your old favorites to new favorites.