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Stem Cell Shots

I got stem cell shots the other day on my right knee. Last fall I had an MRI and the cartilage in my right knee is bone on bone and like an 85-year-old knee. I got an unloader brace last winter which keeps the lateral side from hitting bone on bone when I land tricks. The stem cells will help regrow the cartilage. So here’s looking for the best results!

The reason I went in was to repair the cartilage on my right knee.

I had anesthesia and was acting like such a goof and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

They took stem cells out of the bone marrow on my hips.

I got a joint preventative shot on my left knee to make sure it stays strong.

And a really cool thing also about the stems cells and the laser- It can help my brain with the last bits of fine tuning. So cool and rad! I did a laser treatment on my brain which helps my brain recover from my brain inury super well! I already feel good but this will help with the last fine tuning. And I found out if you get intervanous stem cell shots it will help your bran out tremendously! I was already planning on doing the stem cells for my knee last spring but of course that got bumped back a few months and now I get to boost u my brain as welll!
The recovery process is super fast. The first day I can’t walk or move. The second day I can walk but I look super old. The third day I can walk normal. I have stiches in my back for five days. I have to give up glutin and sugar for two weeks. For the first week you take it super slow and don’t really do much. For the second week you can do normal things but no athletic activites. The third week you can do mild athletics like yoga. The fourth week you can do everything but jumping and heavy impact. The second month everything but heavy impact. The third month you can get back to skiing! So the best time to do it is the fall so you will feel better than ever before it’s the winter!