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The Secret to Success

Redefine success with the MoCrazy Method.

At work and in our personal lives, we’re constantly being told that if we work to become the best, success and happiness will follow. We hear these messages growing up, and it’s reinforced throughout school, within our social groups, and in our careers.

What’s misleading about this is that we’re not competing to be the best against our peers, neighbors, or colleagues. True, authentic success and personal happiness comes from competing with our OWN personal best each day.

Whether your personal best is striving to get that promotion, buy a bigger house, or simply, to make more time in the evening to spend with your family — by reframing your version of “success” and focusing on the goals that matter in your life, you can change your mindset and cultivate genuine motivation to achieve the goals that will make the most meaningful difference in your life.

Adapting to Challenges

Find an Alternative Peak.

Life doesn’t always unfold the way we plan. Sometimes we get lost, discouraged, or thrown unexpected curveballs.

One of the biggest concepts of the MoCrazy Method is to not let these challenges stop progress on our path toward personal success.

We do this by understanding how to identify and start climbing what we call, an “Alternative Peak”.

Climbing an alternative peak starts with your mindset. The MoCrazy Method teaches your audiences how to reframe their current struggles with a new lens.

By creatively looking for new paths and solutions up (ie: alternative peaks), audiences can learn to generate a fresh perspective on how to achieve the outcomes they desire in their lives.

Achieve Your Goals

Create your own "luck" with the MoCrazy Method.

Commitment, consistency, and honing a growth mindset are at the heart of the MoCrazy Method.

While luck and timing can certainly contribute to success, we believe people can create their own “luck” through repeatable processes that help open up doors, opportunities, and a level of preparedness to take the next step forward.

Achieving big goals is rarely a linear process, and that is why the MoCrazy Method helps individuals prepare their mindset for the challenges that inevitably lie ahead, and a way to break down their bigger goals into smaller, daily actions that form consistent habits.

Override Your Fears

Forget your fear and lean into your mountain of opportunity.

As a professional skier, Jamie learned to accept that fear was a natural emotion that came along with learning new maneuvers, improving her skills, and competing against other skiers.

By accepting this, she was able to train her mind to override her feelings of fear, shift her focus to the outcome she wanted to achieve, and visualize herself doing well rather than fearing she would fail.

The MoCrazy Method incorporates this simple concept to show others how to reframe the fear and anxiety in their own lives.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by negative emotions, we show individuals how to shift their focus toward a more productive mindset that is better equipped to take advantage of opportunities that will move you forward in your journey.