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Roadmap for integrative, Person-Centered, Peer-to-Peer TBI Recovery

The MoCrazy Method

Learn the tools and habits that allowed Jamie MoCrazy and countless other brain injury survivors to create a life they love with a mindset that gives them the ability to find opportunities and create a full recovery.

The MoCrazy Strong Foundation, under the educational leadership of Grace Mauzy, PhD Candidate, has worked with countless brain injury survivors and family caregivers giving them a roadmap and understanding through peer reviewed scientific education of the steps to take and create a recovery beyond the standard medical protocols.


1. Module One: Mindset and Self-Esteem
2. Module Two: Ways to Balance Life/Family/Recovery
3. Module Three: Yoga and Meditation
4. Module Four: Nature Therapy and Physical Activity
5. Module Five: Nutrition
6. Module Six: How to Interact and Communicate Socially


1. Mother of TBI survivor, Jamie MoCrazy- primary caregiver
2. PhD candidate in Mind-Body Medicine- focus on TBI recovery
3. Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Education
4. Research assistant on brain development in infants and children
5. Title IX grant for Self-Esteem Workshops
6. Professional Psychotherapist, Wellness & Health Coach- 40 years
7. MoCrazy Method uses academic, peer-reviewed research
8. Certificates- nutritionist, personal fitness instructor, yoga instructor, essential oil
9. Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner, PSIA Ski Instructor


  • 6 Live classes on every other Thursday for one hour at 4PST/5MT/6CT/7EST
  • Classes will have information dissemination by leaders, active participation and
    discussion by all members- participation can be audio only
  • Each class will be recorded and shared privately to the participants
  • Handouts with information and questions for support between live sessions
  • Group chat to ask questions of leaders as well as have peer-to-peer support
  • $150 ($25/session) for all six sessions. Must register for the entire program. Price includes survivor and caregivers
  • Apply for scholarship as needed
  • Donations desired and accepted to support others.


To sign up, click the button below and scroll to the MoCrazy Method button to make your donation.  If you have any questions or want more information, email us at info@mocrazy.org or call (603) 726-6603