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A Lifetime in Integrative Psychology & Health

A lifetime of wellness and a lifetime of happiness sums up me up. I have devoted my life to creating wellness for myself, my children, my friends, and the many thousands of people I engage with personally and professionally.

Through my quirky lifestyle and my exuberant energy, I love sharing information, insights, skills, and magic.

Mama’s methods are based on years of study and practice.

As a mom and a professional, I always try to advance my intuitions with education. I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine.

I have a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. I am a certified ski instructor, personal fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, essential oil specialist, child specialist ski instructor.

My approach simplifies, gives specific directions and skills to increase wellness, positive life skills, and overall happiness.

The MoCrazy Method has decades of study and practice to support you in your choice of alternative peaks to climb. One of the greatest things for me is being able to share the MoCrazy Method with individuals and organizations across the globe.

The mind and body are tightly connected.

The mind-body connection is dynamic. How and what I think, what I eat, who I hang out with, how I move, and my belief in positive energy are integral to being me. The mind and body are an inseparable unit allowing me to live in the present enjoying the journey.

That’s why I base everything on the full person. Mindset, nutrition, physical activity, social interactions, and spirituality all combine to create each one of us. I’m passionate about humanistic and positive psychology, and I create functional and integrative person-centered programs.

Treating your mind and body to the best of your ability puts you in a position to be your own personal best.

A consistent focus on being one’s own personal best leads to outstanding results.

Being outstanding is possible for anyone. Being my own personal best is my all-time favorite mantra. Knowing that I can always improve at the moment gives me the power to step into my highest potential. I absolutely love the love life I created by consistently focusing on the little steps.

People often say how lucky I am. My luck comes from my choices of being my own personal best in every moment. I get to be my most amazing self without concern about what others think of me.

It’s really about the process that brings me to so many peaks I never even knew existed. And lucky for you, I created the MoCrazy Method.

Professional Highlights

  • Person-centered, holistic psychotherapist using humanistic and positive psychology
  • Self-Esteem Workshops for Women- Title IX Grant received to create Self-Esteem Workshops
  • Inspiration and Mindset Mentor for High Profile international and national athletes
  • Integrative and functional wellness programs-movement and daily living activities, nutrition, stress release, time management, motivation, and inspiration to live with passion, purpose, and integrity.
  • Peer to Peer certified and Person Centered Practice certified

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Saybrook University

Ph.D. Candidate: Mind-Body Medicine; Saybrook University; Pasadena, CA

Columbia University-Teachers College

Master’s Degree: Counseling Psychology and Education; Columbia University-Teachers College; New York, NY,1987


Bachelor of Art: Psychology/Anthropology Double Honors Major; UMass-Amherst, MA, 1981, Magna Cum Laude, member National Honors Society

Northfield Mount Hermon School

Northfield Mount Hermon School, 1977; Mount Hermon, MA


Ski Instructor

Personal Fitness

Nutrition Specialist

Yoga Instructor