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Why I’m honestly going to Westminster. And no, it’s not to get a little stamp on paper.


So now that you all know that I’m am going to Westminster I decided to share some of my thoughts about college. Here’s the thing, people think college will make their life. Then when they are about 25 they freak out because they don’t feel college has made their lives and they don’t know where to go. Grownups sometimes press getting a college degree.

Sure staying active is very important. It helps to go to college rather than just sitting at home watching TV or doing a low-level job. But here’s the thing for me, if I wanted to commit to a 9-5 job I was offered one at 45,000 a year. That is without a college degree, but never sitting on my ass. So for me, I don’t want to go to college to get a degree or have my life get made. I already have made my life and I am not worried at all about getting a job, but let’s be honest I have learned I am never going to have a job.



So why am I starting at Westminster this summer? Because learning is so important. I know that sounds like a preppy straight edge princess, trust me I’m not at all but that’s the truth. I will be surrounded by intelligent and influential teachers and other students that will be able to help me in all the different directions I will need help. Also, there is something attached to someone being involved in your progress and goals. It seems if you didn’t have a job, school, or a coach to show up to or a time to accomplish goals it would be great! It is… for about two weeks. Then at least for me, I got restless. I wanted someone to care and pressure me, I want a day when a paper is due. So the thing is, I don’t think a degree is necessary or going to college will create your life but learning and evolving is invaluable.

I honestly hate how people pressure you to go to college. Most billionaires never went to college, but I don’t want to not go to college because I am turned off the pressure: “You have to go to college” I believe it is the best thing and the right path for me to take this summer so I am going to take that path. I am very excited about learning, I love learning. You can kind of tell this by my 3.9 GPA but I am honestly very excited to start being pressured to excel. I look forward to the adventures that await!