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Being Your Own Personal Best Creates Lucky Situations

Being in charge of your thoughts and actions puts you in the perfect place for crashes blocking your journey. By enlarging your comfort zone, you get to choose what will light your fire and lead you to your own personal best.

Using mindset and mindfulness techniques, integrative and functional wellness skills, and person-centered humanistic psychology, the MoCrazy team’s workshops deliver skills for success and newfound confidence in your own personal best, creating unlimited luck.

Integrative Strategies

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic psychology emphasizes the whole individual, stressing free will, self-efficacy, and self-actualization while supporting the fulfillment of potential and maximizing well-being.

Game Dynamics

What are the dynamics it takes to play the game, win, and have fun in the process? Developing the skills to maintain the fun of the game while succeeding is the MoCrazy specialty.

Holistic Solutions

There is power with solutions like journeying into nature and eating healthy to better your life. We will teach you how to integrate these practices into your life in a way that is calm and clear.

Caretaker Support

Heal the Healers

Work with us to receive videos and programs for your community with clear steps on ways caretakers create opportunities for themself as well as those they are caring for. Individuals are thrust into the role of being a caretaker with no training or understanding of how to handle the struggles that develop.

Highlights from this workshop:

  • Caregivers have power
  • Nature therapy
  • Accepting support
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Integrative Functional Wellness

Be Your Own Personal Best

Design the life you want to receive the opportunities and outcomes you have a dream of.

Highlights from this workshop:

  • Ability to design the life you want in your mind.
  • Creating well-rounded, balanced habits.
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Corporate Mindset

How your Company Creates Luck

Every company encounters struggles. Learn how to overcome those struggles and create the outcomes you desire.

  • Building trust and dependability among colleagues
  •  Thinking creatively
  • Steps to climb your personal alternative peak
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