Let’s Talk

MoCrazy Strong is changing policies and protocols for recovery processes. MoCrazy Strong Foundation uses its public speaking engagements and attendance at film festivals to give a voice to brain injury recovery. Through these engagements, the Foundation brings to the forefront the need for state and federal funding as well as opportunities for recovery.

The Foundation’s Director of Communication, Jamie MoCrazy, is the Chairman of the Board of the Utah Brain Injury Council. The Foundation’s Education, Research, and Program Specialist, Grace Mauzy, sits on the Board of the Utah Brain Injury Council.

The MoCrazy Strong Foundation partnered with the National Association for State Head Injury Administration to lobby federal legislators for Brain Injury Recovery funds and tracking.

MoCrazy Strong Foundation leaders have met with co-chairman and founder of the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force Representative Bill Pascrell. Jamie MoCrazy is a non-voting SCI/BI Rehabilitation Fund and Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation Fund Advisory Committee member.