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Saturday, March 23, 2023

Alive To Thrive Day

Saturday, March 23, 2023
Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, Utah

Too many people have told us that they can’t ski or do any athletic activities they used to do after their brain injury. After a brain injury, we help everyone of all abilities to connect with outdoor activities and find joy.

Alive to Thrive Day will offer all abilities ski day with the founders of MoCrazy Strong Foundation, Jamie MoCrazy, Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, and Grace Mauzy. After skiing, the Foundation will have an apres ski-style event hosted in the Cliff Lodge Primrose room.

The Foundation will celebrate the public release of the award-winning documentary #MoCrazyStrong. Followed by drinks, music, dinner, and fundraising for the MoCrazy Strong Foundation.

Contact jeanee@mocrazystrong.org for more details and to be added to the presale list today!

The Course

MoCrazy Method Course

Roadmap for Wholistic, Person-Centered, Peer-to-Peer TBI Recovery. This course meets every other Thursday night to review the six MoCrazy Method modules.

Module One: Mindset and Self-Esteem.
Module Two: Ways to Balance Life/Family/Recovery.
Module Three: Yoga and Meditation.
Module Four: Nature Therapy and Physical Activity.
Module Five: Nutrition.
Module Six: How to Interact and Communicate Socially.

The MoCrazy Method gives participants the roadmap, skills, and expertise to tackle their or their loved one’s brain injury recovery from a full-body holistic approach. The MoCrazy Method uses academic, peer-reviewed research.

Learn the secret science behind whole-body recovery, including which habits to build to rewire your brain through an understanding of neuroplasticity.

Grace’s Complementary Mind/Body Medicines guides include nutrition, massage, meditation, activities of daily living, yoga, guided imagery, self-esteem, immune system support, cognitive development, and redeveloping social cues and interactions.

Contact jamie@mocrazystrong.org to sign up for future sessions of the MoCrazy Method.