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Lean Into Your Greatness

My passion is to help others grow and overcome their fears to become the best version of themselves. As a child, I was extremely shy.  Despite growing up in the world of athletics and competition, I struggled to find inner self-confidence.

Mama Fruit knew this, and she consistently worked with me to apply what we now refer to as the MoCrazy Method to help me appreciate my abilities, unique qualities, and learn how to reframe the way I perceived challenges.

I eventually combined my skiing and dancing and worked to become a World Cup half-pipe skier. By leaning into what I loved, my self-confidence grew and so did the challenges I took on in life.

Today, that mindset has led me to a number of wonderful opportunities as my career has developed. I’ve been an event planner, project coordinator, office manager, and PR strategist. I work with Team MoCrazy to help shape events and incorporate my experience in the method.

Achieving Peak Performance

To achieve peak performance, I focus on the moment. I do this by being organized, passionate, and goal-oriented. Through the process of the journey, I have made strides even when faced with setbacks and challenges.

For example, rather than getting discouraged by my sister’s accident and feeling helpless, I quickly moved into the role of caregiver and proactively participating in her recovery.

At the same time, I knew I needed to also maintain my own passions to continue my skiing and develop business ventures. By making sure my own needs were met, I was able to be a better support person for my sister.

Achieving peak performance is all about listening to your own needs, mentally preparing yourself for challenges, and leaning into your team for support. When you’re able to address each of these, you’re better able to perform in your own life and be helpful to others.

Embracing What’s Possible

Becoming your own personal best comes from within. It’s not about how others perceive you. It’s about embracing your own unique characteristics.

In my own life, I have worked to stay intensely authentic to my own personal best in order to discover what is possible. By making the decision to act rather than remain stagnant, and by taking the occasional risk even when I wasn’t sure, I have been able to turn some of my dreams into reality.

Staying level-headed and focusing on the big picture helps me keep my goals in perspective and stay motivated through the setbacks and frustrating times. I believe that if each of us can learn to embrace and genuinely express ourselves, we can open up a multitude of possibilities.

Giving Back

With every privilege comes responsibility. As a licensed foster parent, I care for children who are in situations where they feel stressed, overwhelmed, and scared.

Using the skills and philosophy I was taught growing up — what we now call the MoCrazy Method — I’m able to impart a renewed sense of hope and a brighter outlook on life to the children in my care.

It’s important to be of service to others when you’re able to discover out the best within yourself.

This not only strengthens your connections with others and those in your community, it ultimately reinforces your core values and helps you live your most authentic life.

Intentional Design Leads to Intentional Success

The power of design can create mindsets, environments, and spaces where you feel confident, inspired, and ready to take on the day.

It can start small. For example, when I would visit Jamie in the hospital, I intentionally chose to wear cheerful, bright colors,  and I asked visitors to do the same. I wanted everyone to enter her room looking and feeling positive, hopeful, and ready to cheer her on.

I also knew I could transform her drab hospital room so that Jamie would feel supported, loved, and inspired even when she didn’t have visitors. I hung pictures all over the walls, brought in her favorite pink blankets, and even installed a hammock. It changed the hospital setting into an inviting, social room where her support crew could gather, laugh, play music.

These small but deliberate design choices were to help reframe Jamie’s world and let her know that she had a whole team of people by her side to help her through.

By intentionally adding positive, motivating, and joyful designs within your life, whether it be through your clothing, home decor, or office space, you can fill your life with small pleasures that help you feel good and remind yourself of the goals you have in life.

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