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"Jamie has a beautiful story that is still unfolding — a story about empowerment and circumventing life's challenges through the power of human perspective."
Matthew Garcia
I can't tell you how many people in this province who would not be alive and well today. And it’s because of [Jamie] and her family in terms of what we learned from them. But also their post-injury advocacy that’s really changed the trajectory of many patients.
Mypinder Sikon
M.D., Ph.D., Intensive Care Physician and Clinician-Scientist
"Jamie is very dynamic and motivational. She helps people understand complex topics and traumatic situations in a lighthearted and clear manner."
Mypinder Sikon
"Jamie brought a real story and face to many of the strategies I teach my students on how to care for their patients. She was very engaging and kept my students interested with videos peppered throughout her presentation. This allowed her knowledge to be absorbed by my students."
Pain Medicine Group
"Jamie is an extraordinary speaker. She sustained a severe brain injury and can boast the most extraordinary recovery which she credits to her family. She is paying her fortune forward and is now changing lives on the broadest possible platform. She is simultaneously informative, genuine, and vulnerable—the latter really makes her story about injury and rehabilitation come alive. Her brain and her skiing career are just two of a million remarkable things she has to offer."
Kimberly Gorgens, a Ph.D. in Psychology
Denver University
"I have heard Jamie speak on several occasions, in front of large, and professional audiences. She presents her amazing story with poise, candor, and heartfelt fluency. She is passionate about the direction that her injury has taken her, and it is beautifully positive, but also is able to reflect the poignancy and reality of her recovery. Jamie is both an advocate for the injured athlete, and a proactive voice for the audience. I applaud her for being able to share her journey with others in such a meaningful way."
V. Hayden W. Hilke, MSR, PT, DPT
Watershed Jackson Org.| Peak Physical Therapy
"Jamie had the daunting task of being the lead-off speaker in front of a crowd of 1000 people, and she nailed it. She paced her talk well, engaged with the audience and peppered her presentation with a good dose of humor. The feedback from the crowd was awesome!"
Todd Lawson
Mountain Life Media
"We all wipe out from time to time, and need guides to help restore hope and give us direction. Jamie MoCrazy is just such a guide. Her own wipe out and hopeless circumstances, and her courageous recovery, create a compelling story for anyone who needs something to hang on to in the hard times. She is engaging and authentic, with an approach that moves people in positive directions."
Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Psychologist and author of Pathological Positivity
"I watched Jamie in a zoom lecture and felt so lucky to learn about her recovery and hear her story. Hearing Jamie’s first-hand experiences motivated me to realize I can create luck in the outcomes of my struggles as well. Besides having a great story Jamie has a genuine and wonderful personality that makes you feel light and inspired."
Alexis Rae
"I saw Jamie present as a guest lecture in my master's degree Occupational Therapy class. First of all, wow!! She is amazing!! She is such a wonderful motivational speaker, I was definitely getting the chills and learned a lot through her stories packed with wisdom that I can use with my patients to increase positive outcomes."
Lauren Marie Ritch
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