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Show Notes

This episode talks with Donna O'Donell Figurski is the caregiver of a person who had a brain injury.   Donna has a blog called Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury https://survivingtraumaticbraininjury.com and she is the author of “Prisoners Without Bars”  A caregivers tail. https://www.amazon.com/Prisoners-Without-Bars-Caregivers-Tale-ebook/dp/B07BFH4NND, as well as a podcast host on Brain Injury Radio Network with Another Fork in the Road.

  • Digging in the sand
  • Strong independent
  • Learn about parter's house job
  • Do benefits for YOU

**Prisoners without bars is heart-wrenching and triumphant love story is a tale of advocacy and caregiving. Donna's husband, David, stumbled into their bedroom, his hand covering a blood-filled eye from a brain hemorrhage.**