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Happy Mother’s Day!


What an awesome day to acknowledge and thank anyone in our lives who is a mother!

To honor Mother’s Day, I decided to interview my mother! My mama, known as Fruit, played such a HUGE role in my recovery from a coma in 2015. One of the first people who get to trauma survivors is the mother. Moma’s set the tone for the recovery. Here’s the interview where Fruit explains some secrets to help mothers set a beneficial tone for recovery.


“Is my daughter alive?” Yes, for the moment.

Chose to care for your daughter however you are given her, for as long as you are given her.

Chose to care FOR your daughter, not take of OF her. There is a difference. Taking care OF someone = the person is not able. Caring for a child is what moms for their child’s whole life.


Go outside!

As soon as my mom was given clearance in the hospital, I was still unable to move in a wheelchair, she started taking me outside. The sun gives energy and is a vital part of the recovery process. There are so many stimulations: breeze, sounds, variables in the ground, moving shadows. Walk around on your bare feet on the grass, there are so many simulations on the bottom of your feet. Your feet need to feel the earth and sun in your body at the time of your recovery.


Your family member just had a traumatic experience. They almost died, so everything they do is wonderful right? WRONG! You want to push your family member, help them set and accomplish goals. No matter what ability level they have, every single person can set and accomplish goals. Don’t create ceilings, but then tell your child who received the brain damage everything is wonderful. Push them, but be ready to value rest and recuperation as well.


No one knows how your child’s recovery will turn out. The brain is one of the most complicated organisms. Your doctor might tell you the outcome, but it’s not cut and dry like a broken bone. The doctor doesn’t know, so always follow your instincts. Every case is different. If you want some suggestions Fruit,, is a therapist with a lot of ideas to implement as the mother of a brain injury survivor.

I had a wonderful interview with my very own MAMA!

Speaking from personal experience, I know I owe the fine-tuning in my recovery to Fruit. The fact after I left the hospital she made me read, write, do math and luminosity exercises is the reason I have one more year to graduate with A’s and B’s as a full-time student at Westminster College without ANY change in my course load and grade than a regular student.

Jamie “MoCrazy” Crane-Mauzy

Talk Show Host- Life Gets MoCrazy on the Brain Injury Radio Network

Full-time student at Westminster College, SLC, Utah

Motivational Public Speaker