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High Fives Foundation – Providing Human Care

Steve Wallace took time out of his busy day at NASCAR (Toyota is a corporate sponsor) to talk about what High Fives is, and what they offer.

so, let’s welcome Steve onto the show!

Steve became the first athlete for High Fives Foundation.

Steve had a spinal cord injury and loved the human care High Fives offers so stayed around and in 2010 a job opened at High Fives.

Steve’s title: Program Service Director. He is the behind-the-scenes guy, your first and last contact if you want to become a High Fives “athlete”.

How do you become a High Five Athlete?

High Fives Foundation uses the word ‘athlete’ in replace of a Grant recipient.

Athlete: someone pursuing a dream in an outdoor action sport

Criteria: someone who had a life-changing accident in an outdoor activity (skiing, mnt biking..) and wants to return to the mountains. Everyone who has a life-changing accident can return to the mountains in some form or another. Anyone in North America can reach out to the High Fives Foundation

I became a High Fives Athlete after my Coma

For the people tuning in who don’t know, I became a high Fives athlete after my coma. High Fives financially supported me with yoga, massage, many many supplements, and even when I needed/wanted mental therapy. High Fives stepped in to financially cover when insurance steps out.

Typical insurance only covers 24 hours of physical therapy per year. I have stayed involved and shot for the film #Helmetsarecool promoting helmet safety last winter.

When you go through a life-altering injury you need to keep a positive mindset

  • Be ready to work hard.
  • You create your own luck
  • Look at the incident with a growth mindset- What can I do to get back living a life I love?
  • Have a good time working hard
  • Just like anything in life you have to grind
  • Keep having fun in your grind.
  • Balance-
  • Grinding is the stuff behind the scenes that allows you to live your dream.
  • Have friends and family

High Fives Foundation supports 194 individuals in North America.

High Five’s earns its finances in four ways:

  1. Corporate partnerships
  2. Individual donation
  3. Events
  4. grants

To donate go on their website:

Check out High Five’s Vimeo channel to watch videos of their amazing athletes.

One dollar goes a long way. Anything in healthcare is not cheap, and what you donate will make an impact on someone’s life. You have the opportunity to create a beautiful new chapter in someone’s life. A chapter they actually want to live to the fullest. Where insurance backs away, High Fives steps in.

Do you want to change someone’s life like High Fives changed mine?

Donate, today, someone needs your help.

The High Fives Foundation is the safety net of the outdoor sports community.

High Fives wants to raise injury prevention. What does High Fives do to raise that prevention?

  • They have an ambassador program.
  • And a youth ambassador program (it’s on a current break)
  • Make B.A.S.I.C. films
  • I am in the new film Helmets Are Cool- premiering this fall


The High Fives Foundation supports the dreams of outdoor sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-altering injuries.


The High Fives Foundation is the safety net of the outdoor sports community.