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Instead of “let’s go shopping!” “Let’s go skiing”

So I went to the mall recently to exchange the snowflake ring my dad gave me to mark my one year since my accident. I love the ring I just needed one size smaller. It’s was easy to fix, but here’s the thing I noticed about malls.

I’m not against malls, I do sometimes (rarely) go to the mall with my friends, but here’s the thing.

Don’t bring your infant or don’t drag your 5-year-old to the mall.

Don’t bring your kids to the mall! Sure you can dress your kids super adorable but you don’t have to bring them to the fu*king mall!

If you want to do something fun for you with little kids take them to the mountains, on a hike, to the skate park! Don’t take them to the fu*king mall!

If you can’t take your kids on a long hike or skiing take them to the park! Parks are free and every single person has access to a park where kids can run around, hula hoop, and play on swings.

My mom never took me to the mall as a baby, when I was around 10 I would occasionally go into stores downtown, and when I was around 15 (I honestly don’t remember).

I went to a mall for the first time with my friends. I was never taught shopping was bad, I was just never exposed to it. I think exposing your children to malls when their brains are developing is what’s wrong with our society. We are teaching kids to be consumers before they can even talk!

So here’s the thing, next time you want to go to the mall with your kids go hiking instead. Or if you do have hippieish tendencies like my mom pat yourself on the back. You are doing the right thing by bringing your kids outside. Every mom needs to give their kids a #fairstart. Instead of “let’s go shopping!” “Let’s go skiing”