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I can. A future of possibility for brain injury survivors


Whether learning to discover a new normal after a recent diagnosis or overcoming lifelong challenges, the opportunity to conquer the mountain brings strength, resolve, and deep-seated resilience.

With the National Ability Center, each of us can conquer the mountains we face.

On August 26th, the Media and Outreach Coordinator at the National Ability Center (NAC) Bailey was interviewed on the podcast Life Gets MoCrazy.

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The National Ability Center is a nonprofit founded in 1985 that teaches outdoor recreation activities to Individuals who have cognitive disabilities and all physical ability levels. The headquarters of the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah.

Set goals involve the family, and Always believe I CAN

1. Goal setting for brain injury survivors

The National Ability Center helps you discover the possible goals you might not know are even there- there is no accomplishment too small. If a brain injury survivor doesn’t meet the goals they set, the National Ability Center staff is trained to celebrate all the little steps on the way to the big goal.

There is no timeline on set goal, recognize the journey.

2. Don’t use your injury as an excuse

There is no I can’t after your brain injury. Do not equate all your defects with brain injury. It might take alternative steps to accomplish goals after a brain injury, but no I can’t.

I can

3. National Ability Center has a reach that expands globally

The National ability center is an organization that provides resources and collaborates team building globally. Collaborating globally creates adaptive sports for social change.

If we don’t offer it we have resources to places that do

4. Bring the whole family to the National Ability Center

The National Ability Center believes in family involvement. In my experience returning to snow after my coma with the NAC, my whole family got to ski with me every day. It was so wonderful the NAC wanted my family to involved and help me overcome the struggles presented by a TBI. Jamie Crane Mauzy, TBI survivor, and National Ability Center participant.

Never force someone to do an outdoor activity they don’t want to, but family can guide brain injury survivors to help them reach goals they set.

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They said I can’t after my brain injury, but I CAN

Jamie “MoCrazy” Crane-Mauzy

Talk Show Host- Life Gets MoCrazy on the Brain Injury Radio Network

Full-time student at Westminster College, SLC, Utah

Motivational Public Speaker