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Why I love Park City

I looked off into the distance at the scarlet sunset intertwined with the white blur of the falling snow. I took a deep breath and pushed off, floating through the soft, white powder up to my knees. I was floating, soaring, I felt weightless without a worry in the world

“Jamie, Jamie! Let’s cut left!†said Colin. I looked over to Colin. I could barely see him because the sun was setting so I turned my headlamp on. This was a perfect night. Magical moments like this- I couldn’t have fully imagined when I moved to Park City six years ago. I thought about how I moved to Park City with the sole purpose to pursue my competitive ski career.

That career, like every professional athlete, ended for me. Surprisingly though, I could still have days of wonder like today. Today began when I was intellectually challenged at Westminster College. followed by a business call about a media release in Vancouver. After school, I jumped in the car with Colin and headed up to the mountain to shred (Skiers’ term for skiing). (French company! I talked with my sponsor rep and I will get to go to their Headquarters when I am in France!)

I thought about how I had some wonderful experiences as a professional skier. I traveled all over Europe, South America and New Zealand. I thought about how when I was competing and at X-Games or Dew Tour, I never really thought beyond my ski career. I never really thought about how my life would continue way past my days of competing. Looking off into the sunset, I realized how lucky I am that my life will continue past my career. I never recognized how lucky I would feel to be alive and live in a town of possibilities.

In Park City, Utah there are three amazing ski resorts. There are multiple universities less than 30 minutes away, and there are legitimate business jobs, for instance Skullcandy has headquarters in Park City. wearing their headphones in this photo.

In most ski towns there are two options: be a tourist, or cater to tourists. In Park City there are multiple options so you can live the most diversified life you can image. For every lifestyle I want to pursue, there are opportunities for me to accomplish it. I smile and take a breath realizing I love Park City, and am so grateful I made the decision to move here six years ago.

I take another deep breath. I can’t stop smiling tonight. I am so content. I push off following Colin down the left trail.