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Team MoCrazy offers fun, health-focused retreats for every season and member of your group.  Escape into nature and reset your mind so that you come back into the world resilient, strong, and ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

Every MoCrazy retreat emphasizes mind-body wellness. Mind-body wellness includes multiple aspects of health including nutrition, mindfulness, physical health, and stimulating conversations to better understand the connection between our lifestyles and creating outcomes of success.

What you can expect to experience on a MoCrazy Retreat:

  • Explore and challenge your current mindset.
  • Understand how your own personal best changes over time.
  • Identify attainable goals and map out a plan to start achieving them.
  • Reset and refresh your mind and body with every activity.
  • Practice gratitude as you learn to celebrate the little wins and your personal journey.

At the beginning of every retreat, each person will complete a detailed mind-body questionnaire followed by a meeting with Mama MoCrazy. During your session, she will go over the principles of mind-body teachings for you to implement during the duration of your stay.

Every retreat features a range of optional activities depending on the season for all skill levels including hiking, yoga, and meditation, as well as a variety of insightful educational sessions and workshops.

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Park City, Utah

Namaski Winter Retreat

Enjoy a luxurious weekend in the winter wonderland of Park City, Utah!

Spend four fabulous days with your group skiing, snowshoeing, and practicing yoga and meditation.

During your stay, you’ll feed your body and soul with cozy, nutritious winter dishes that you will learn to prepare in our hands-on cooking demonstrations.

End your time relaxing in the spa with deep tissue massages and other special treatments to re-group and reset your mind before you return home.

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Spring Wildflower Retreat

Shed your winter layers and reenergize your spirit with our Spring Wildflower Retreat.

You will spend the weekend hiking through Utah’s stunning wildflower fields and can challenge your comfort zone with exciting high ropes courses.

Afterward, you and your crew can relax your muscles in the hot springs and with spa treatments, and replenish your energy with a delicious menu of healthy, in-season dishes.

To top off the trip, you’ll earn more about expressing your true self through your personal style and design aesthetic.

The final night includes a magical, Scandinavian-inspired “Midsummer” evening where you’ll dress in flower crowns, white attire, and indulge in a festive feast, good wine, and lots of dancing!

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Summer Sky Retreat

Spend the weekend with your crew fully immersed in nature during our Summer Sky Retreat!

You’ll be camping and have the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing, river rafting, yoga, and so much more.

This customizable retreat is perfect for getting out of the summer slump and breaking out of your typical routine. Take advantage of the warm weather as you enjoy fun conversation, amazing meals, and cooling off in the pool.

Conclude your weekend with a truly relaxing spa meditation so that you reenter your world ready to take on anything!

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Autumn Harvest Retreat

Our Autumn Harvest Retreat is a health and food-based weekend that will awaken your tastebuds and strengthen your desire to maintain healthy routines and eating throughout the winter.

We’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen learning hands-on recipes and using the freshest, seasonal ingredients full of vitamins and healing properties.

Daily movement-based routines will challenge your body and mind, and you can expect to dive deep into meditation, both sitting and during nature walks.

At the end of this amazing retreat, you will leave calm, clear-headed, and with new skills and knowledge of how you can maintain a healthy exercise and eating routine to thrive through winter.

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